The A11Y Road Trip

Stop 1: Disability Inclusion

➝ Disability impacts everyone.

➝ Accessibility benefits everyone.

➝ When in doubt. Ask.

➝ Use identity-first language.

Stop 2: Accessibility Basics

➝ A whopping 1 billion people worldwide have a disability.

➝ 70% of disabilities are “invisible”.

➝ Many people rely on assistive technology
to participate in economies and society.

➝ By 2020, more than 2 billion people will need to use assistive technology.

➝ We use assistive tech everyday. It benefits all of us.

Stop 3: Inclusive Design

➝ Human ability is on a spectrum and never static. So why should design for ‘one size fits all’?

➝ Talk to people with disabilities and observe them using technology.

➝ Design with the best user experience in mind.

➝ Think about how you can make it perceivable, and operable.  

➝ Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility.

Stop 4: Tools & Techniques

Give this a try yourself! 

➝ Instagram – Add alternative text to your images.

➝ Zoom in and out on your web browser.

➝ Turn on ‘Voiceover’ or ‘Talkback’ on your phones.

➝ Use the keyboard ONLY to use your computer.

Color contrast checker. Use this tool to ensure that the colours you use are perceivable to everyone. 

➝ Accessibility Checker. Use this tool to check the overall accessibility of your design. 

Stop 5: Learning Resources

➝ Watch Dashiell Meier, (a.k.a Komodo) one of our Self-Advocates, teach us how you can make videos more accessible!

Remember, Accessibility benefits everyone! 

Compare both versions of ‘Microsoft Life – Treehouse Meeting Space’

Microsoft Life – Treehouse Meeting Space

Microsoft Life – Treehouse Meeting Space (audio description version)