Faces of Accessibility – Sagar Barbhaya

Sagar is an engineer with big dreams and a self-proclaimed ‘mama’s boy’. When you meet Sagar, you will not be able to tell that he has only been in the field of Accessibility for a few years. He was recruited into Intuit as an intern /co-op where he got to test drive accessibility work. He was then given the opportunity to work full time with the Accessibility team and is now in his current role of Accessibility Engineering Lead for Intuit. I first met Sagar Continue Reading

Faces of Accessibility – Carrie Farber

In October of 2018, Carrie wrote a blog post, “How My Disability is Helping Make Walmart.com More Accessible“. She writes, By 2015, I was in the thick of vision loss, but refused to let anyone see the battle I was fighting inside. I came to work every day without using a white cane or guide dog, because I was afraid of what people would think if they knew I had a disability. Would their perceptions of my abilities change? Would this impact my career growth? Continue Reading

Faces of Accessibility – Upasana Tandon

Upasana and I had an instant connection. We hit it off from day 1. She is a star developer on her team and always the one to take the initiative to learn something new and teach others what she has learned. I first met her about 2 years ago while working on Accessibility at Sam’s club. Neither one of us knew how we were going to tackle this domain that we knew so little about but we were determined to overcome the fear and uncertainty. Continue Reading

Faces of Accessibility – Samantha Evans

Samantha is one of my favorite people. She greeted me with her thousand-watt smile as I walked into the exam location to give my Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) exam. I immediately felt at ease. Over the course of the 2 years since I met Samantha, I have reached out to her a few times for her guidance on Accessibility related topics. She has always been very gracious with her time, leaving me with many things to think about. The most profound experience Continue Reading

Faces of Accessibility – Ted Drake

It took me a few months to get face to face time with Ted. I finally got to meet him at the CSUN Assistive Tech conference in 2018. I spent about an hour with him and at the end of the hour, my head was bursting with ideas. Before I approached him in the hallway, I was so overwhelmed by everything I had learned about Accessibility. I had access to a lot of information but I was looking for insights. Ted is very easy to Continue Reading