Accessible Empathy Maps

Deep customer empathy is one of the first steps in the design thinking process, giving product teams the ability understand and observe their customers in their environment.

When we observe how our users think, see, hear, and do things through traditional empathy map templates, are we really understanding ALL our customers? Especially those with disabilities? 

In an attempt to help you and your team build more accessible products, we have created accessible empathy map templates. We hope this helps you with engaging your customers in an inclusive and compassionate way. 

When and why should I use these Empathy Maps?

If you are a product creator (designer, developer, manager, etc.) who wants to get started with making your products more accessible but has never done it before, this is a good place to start. These are simple but intuitive tools to get you to empathize with individuals with disabilities while filling in sections of the template.



More about the project

This project was initiated by Karmishtha Krishna, a design intern with The Accidental Ally. More about the process of the project, you can view this project introduction video

We would like these templates to be genuinely usable, practical and impactful, and thus, all kinds of feedback would be very helpful. Please reach out to us with your feedback via email –

Let’s build an accessible world together!