About this template

This template consists of four concentric pentagons, with labels – Visual abilities, Physical abilities, Cognitive abilities, and Heading + Speech disabilities. Furthermore, all four circles are cut into four pie slices to be a part of THINK, OBSERVE, EXPRESS, and ACT. For example, to map out how customers THINK, there are four sections in it to consider the four different ability types and how they might think. 

At the bottom of the template, it is specified that while features may vary for specific disabilities, the solutions created should target pains, gains and overall experiences of all users – irrespective of their abilities.

How do I use this canvas template?

Once downloaded as a PDF, the canvas may be printed out and filled in. You can also draw out the format with reference to the PDF. Feel free to add colours, doodles or anything else you may like while synthesizing your research. Rules are created to be broken – just have fun!

If you prefer a less visual and more descriptive version of the template, you can also fill in the guidelines in this document to guide you through the same process.