Creating personas of people with disabilities is an invaluable prerequisite for creating inclusive and accessible digital experiences. Accessibility personas help us better understand the people and the stories behind the faces beyond the disability.

We explore how they live their life, what barriers they face when using inaccessible products, and how we can learn from that to build accessible experiences that benefit everyone.

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Our Beneath The Surface series of accessibility personas is a closer look at invisible disabilities, the people, and the stories that explore what it is like to live with an invisible disability.

70% of all disabilities are invisible and yet there is limited understanding, empathy, and compassion for the people who live their lives every day with an invisible disability. 

With this poster series, we hope to raise awareness of the many different kinds of invisible disability. Our hope is to elevate their stories, to build compassion for one another, to explore one of our many core beliefs.

Accessibility benefits everyone. Disability impacts everyone.

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