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Creating Inclusive Work Experiences

➝ We work closely with our Corporate Partners to develop work programs that are best suited for people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. 

➝ We believe we can help employers tap into an under utilized, untapped segment of the workforce. 

We believe we can help employers create engaging and enriching work experiences for people with disabilities. 

We believe we can help employers deliver value to their organization through work programs that enable people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities contribute to the workforce and to digital innovation. 

Investing in Self Advocates

We believe we can transform the lives of people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities by harnessing the ability in the disability.  

We believe we can fuel their financial prosperity and wellbeing by connecting them to engaging and enriching work experiences and not just “jobs”.

We believe that the next wave of digital innovation will come from people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities participating directly in the creation of inclusive digital products.



Professionals turned Educators

We believe that the best way to learn is to learn ‘on the job’.

We believe anyone can learn anything if it is taught in a learner centric way. 

We believe that tech professionals should take on the responsibility of training and up skilling the disabled workforce. 

The Impact We Deliver

Our approach empowers organizations to fully embrace disability inclusion.​

➝ We invest in the self advocates we work with. Their professional and personal development is central to our mission. 

➝ We work closely with the executive sponsors, the HR teams and individual team members to build a work program that helps you bring to life your DEI goals. 

➝ We create engaging and enriching work experiences for both the self advocates as well as for the employers. 

➝ We provide a high touch, support model during the work programs to ensure the success of the program and deliver a win-win to everyone involved. 


We amplify the voice of our self-advocates

➝ “The Dream Team” is excited to come to next team meeting for a meet and greet, a panel discussion or deliver a keynote at your next disability inclusion event. 

We build and grow a community of allies.

➝ Inspire and enable others to be allies by providing open source tools and personas, programs & workshops.


We tell powerful stories.

➝ Reflect on and share our learnings and experiences on the field via articles and blogs.

Our Clients Say

Lori Samuels

Accessibility Director,
NBCUniversal Media, LLC

“I’m so grateful that Gayatri and I have crossed paths! The combination of passion and practical experience in accessibility is always powerful – and Gayatri has both in abundance. She focuses on helping Product Managers develop deep customer insights and empathy by directly engaging people with disabilities in the design and development process. This approach inspires teams to learn more and understand why accessibility is so important. Gayatri knows how to make accessibility fun, impactful, and not intimidating or overwhelming for teams. She also happens to be an amazing writer and communicator.

I highly recommend Gayatri to any organization looking to advance their work in digital accessibility.”

Siddharth Kapoor

VP Product Marketing,
Walmart Inc.

“Gayathri developed and led the Web Accessibility initiative at Sam’s club. She was singularly responsible for moving us from having a narrow compliance focus to a broader appreciation, adoption and embrace of accessibility practices, in service of Sam’s Club members with accessibility needs.

She has a unique approach to web accessibility, specifically by applying design thinking and product mindset, compared to traditional program management/compliance approaches that are prevalent. She has deep customer focus, understanding and empathy with respect to accessibility and helped implement Accessibility best practices as an integral part of our product development life-cycle.

Gayathri is extremely passionate about Accessibility and that reflects in her efforts to evangelize and energize the broader organization to embrace Accessibility. She partnered with multiple Dev, QA, UX and Product teams to organize A11y trainings, awareness sessions and expert talks including a “Dining in the dark” lunch with our leadership team.

I recommend Gayathri to anyone who is looking to move their Accessibility efforts to the next level.”

Upasana Tandon

Software Engineer,
Sam’s Club eCommerce

“I had the pleasure of working with Gayathri as part of Sam’s Club accessibility team. Gayathri personifies three things – Ownership, Action, and Inspiration.

Ownership – Gayathri goes above and beyond taking care of things in her direct control and makes sure that her projects have the right impact across the entire company and the customers. She was a great asset to Sam’s Club A11y team and it was her tireless efforts that made our website so inclusive and robust. Her role was not a customer-facing one but she would go out of her way to listen to every relevant customer issue and do her best to resolve it. She actually organized accessibility usability studies which had such a great positive impact on our website.

Action – Gayathri implemented processes that made things scalable and repeatable and made it easy for Dev, QA, and UX teams to achieve excellence in their A11y efforts. She made sure that Accessibility best practices became an integral part of our product development life-cycle.

Inspiration –  Gayathri has been a source of constant inspiration for me. I feel so lucky that I got a chance to meet her and work with her. She loves her work and her passion is super infectious. Wherever she goes she leaves a great positive impact on people around her. She is undoubtedly a great asset to any team. She is an advocate for things that matter most to customers and company in general. She ensured that all teams under her were working to achieve the most meaningful things. She organized various initiatives to increase accessibility awareness within Sam’s like workshops, pop-up labs, gallery walk for our leadership team, and various lunch-and-learn sessions. She not only inspired Sam’s Club teams to achieve A11y-focussed development mindset but her several workshops inspired many different teams across the entire Walmart.

She is one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure to work with and would love to get a chance to work with her again. Wherever she will go next, she will lead that organization to great success”