How to be an Ally. A conversation with Laura Hanson

woman wearing black leather zip up jacket

My friend Laura wrote this on FB a couple of days ago.

“What is it in our nature that wants us to take sides?

Does it start in school if you are classified as a jock or a geek?

Does it get reinforced when you get your first job making minimum wage versus a living wage?

Does it solidify when you get married and start a family or defy the “norm” and choose to stay single?

And today most people know the way their friends and family vote. Are you Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Socialist? What does it matter?

We need to get rid of these labels and unite as a human race.

We have all been dealt a tremendous amount of anxiety and challenges that are dividing and weakening our country. For most, our instinct is to align with like-minded people and step away from those who don’t share our views.

But now more than ever, I would encourage you to do the opposite. Engage with people who think differently than you do. Have painful conversations that might end up uncomfortable, but at least leave the other person thinking about another point of view.

The moment we stop listening to each other, there is no chance for healing.”

I was so struck by her words that I reached out to her for a conversation. Thanks, Laura for all the great insights!