How to be an Ally. A conversation with KimChi Chen

people protesting and holding signs

I had a great conversation with KimChi this morning. She shares an experience from her school days where someone took the time to invest in her by recognizing her potential, giving her the opportunity to explore and learn which paved the path for her to a successful career in Journalism. Kimchi challenges us to look beyond ‘the perfect candidate’ to give opportunities/jobs based on potential, to look beyond a person’s race and appearance. Sometimes all it takes is that one person who recognizes your true potential and brings you to that “window” that gives you access to a new view of the world. That one act of consideration can change someone’s life.

“I want everyone to achieve what they want. It’s up to me whom I can mentor, whom I can take under my wing, whose story I can tell, help them be more aware of who they are.”

“With COVID, I felt more Asian. With language like ‘the Chinese virus’ I look at myself and go ‘I am Asian, arent I?'”

“I don’t feel like I am an Asian person in terms of how I look until someone calls out that I am an Asian person”

This and more from Kimchi in the video below.

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