How to be an Ally. A conversation with Charlotte Layton

grayscale photo of persons fist

My friend Charlotte sent me the following note recently.

“I am no expert and I’m trying to find my way and examining my core beliefs. But really I can’t thank you enough for these conversations. I was raised by a super racist, misogynist man. Unlearning so many things was hard and I feel like there is still work I can do. I have been moved to tears listening to these conversations. So again thank you!”

This was by far one of the most fascinating, raw, and authentic conversations I have had on racism. I really would like to believe that engaging with the people who don’t share your beliefs is the need of the hour. We really need to build more allies and that is only possible if we reach out and engage.

Charlotte was raised with racist ideologies but she was brave to find her own path and redefine her core values as she navigated through life.

I love how authentic this conversation was. I was so moved by Charlotte’s honesty. I hope it inspires you to reach out and have your own conversations.