Faces of Accessibility – Sagar Barbhaya

Sagar is an engineer with big dreams and a self-proclaimed ‘mama’s boy’. When you meet Sagar, you will not be able to tell that he has only been in the field of Accessibility for a few years. He was recruited into Intuit as an intern /co-op where he got to test drive accessibility work. He was then given the opportunity to work full time with the Accessibility team and is now in his current role of Accessibility Engineering Lead for Intuit.

I first met Sagar when I was referred to him by his boss (Ted Drake). I had been trying to get some face time with Ted for a while. I think he finally got tired of me asking him so he asked me to talk to Sagar. I instantly liked Sagar. He was so helpful from the get-go. He is a keen listener and a great resource for engineers when it comes to getting started with Accessibility.

It was easy to talk to Sagar because I had so many interactions with him leading up to this chat. We explored several themes – from how he accidentally became an accessibility ally to his early days in the accessibility team to becoming a champion and a thought leader who is a regular speaker at conferences.

Sagar has some great advice for anyone working on Accessibility, plenty of lame jokes (he calls them PJ’s for poor jokes), and contagious enthusiasm for his work.

Here is something he said that I think we should all work towards,

If I was a superhero or had a magic wand, I would go into the minds of everyone in the world and remove this thing about ‘Return on Investment’ on Accessibility. According to the WHO, 36% of the world population has a disability. So when you talk about ROI, 36% are getting affected.

Listen to this conversation and hear for yourself how his journey began…

More about Sagar below –

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Here is a picture of Sagar at one of his many speaking engagements –

Sagar presenting at CSUN
Sagar presenting at CSUN