Cerebral Palsy Awareness Global Dance Party

A palm in the 'a-ok' pose

Join our virtual dance party!

Let us celebrate what makes us unique! Come dance or hang out and remember to wear green in support of Cerebral Palsy awareness. 

Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

DJs for the Night

Portrait of Maddison and Marcy

Marcie and Madison

Marcie and Madison are an unstoppable mother- daughter duo. They are both very active with Angels on Stage, a program that promotes the arts for people with disabilities. Marcie is a doting mom to Madison, a non profit warrior and a great advocate for young people with disabilities. Her daughter, Madison is a great self advocate for people with Down Syndrome. Madison is also a former The Accidental Ally intern and an all round awesome human! We are excited to have Marcie and Madison take over as DJs for our global dance party! 

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Global Dance Party Awareness poster