So you are an able-bodied person? Think again!

The dictionary definition of Able-Bodied – “fit, strong, and healthy; not physically disabled.” The dictionary definition of Disability – “a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.” If you have read the above, read it again. Then take a few moments to reflect on your life. Think about the times you have felt fit, strong, healthy. Think about the times you have experienced a physical or mental condition that limited your movements, senses, or activities. I reflected on my own Continue Reading

The Accidental Ally Manifesto

The Accidental Ally ManifestoThe things we think and are not afraid to say. I have been thinking about writing a manifesto. I don’t know why, but it has been swirling around in my brain for several months. I figured that since today is Tuesday, “2/22/22” or “two’sday”, a ubiquitous palindrome (because it works all over the world regardless of which date format you use) this is indeed a magical day to write and publish a manifesto. According to the National Weather Service, the next time this will Continue Reading

The Power of ONE.

I would like to tell you a story about the power of ONE! I have been inspired to share this story with you because of my work on Accessibility. I have been thinking deeply about a few things that I have been working on, things that have been keeping me up at night. These are ideas, thoughts that want to come to life. In that thought process, this story kept leaping at me in the distance, as if to say, ‘Hey, remember me? You need Continue Reading

Applying the Growth Mindset to Accessibility (A11Y)

The power of ‘not yet’​. Here is a closer look at how product teams can develop and apply the growth mindset to their work on Accessibility (A11Y). When faced with a challenging problem, have you thought to yourself, ‘This is going to be fun. I love a good challenge’? When I came across Carol Dweck’s work on the ‘Growth Mindset’, I was blown away. Professor Dweck is a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and one of the world’s leading researchers on motivation and mindsets. Continue Reading

Cricket showcases life-changing lessons for Accessibility (A11y).

When the chips are down, you push harder. Here’s what we can learn from India’s historic cricket series win! Who would have thought I would write an article about cricket! I have never been a big fan of the game. The only time I have been a fan is when India played Pakistan. That’s when all work stopped, everyone was glued to their tv screens and we all behaved in ways we cannot really explain. Just pure joy and exhilaration for a few hours! In Continue Reading

We must make time to stand and stare.

We must make time to stand and stare. However, this wisdom came to me after a harrowing experience. It was 4 pm on a Friday afternoon. A particularly busy day with back-to-back meetings in buildings all over the vast office campus. I clutched onto my laptop and sprinted across the courtyard to get to the next meeting. That’s when it happened. I felt it drop. There was no mistaking it. I was 6 months pregnant and I felt the baby drop. I panicked and called Continue Reading

Is dying better than aging?

“I am not afraid of dying”, he said. “In fact, I would rather die than deal with old age”. This made me wonder, Is dying better than aging? I was on the phone with my dad. It was a long-distance WhatsApp call as I was driving around running my endless list of errands. His words stung me. I responded with empathy and compassion. I tried to console him with, ‘Dad. this happens to everyone. You are not alone. Aging is hard but we all have Continue Reading

The hypocrisy of the accessibility (A11Y) profession.

As an accessibility “newbie”, I have been very fortunate to have met and worked with some incredible accessibility professionals who have helped me learn and grow. I write this with the deepest respect for the profession, the well-intentioned, hardworking professionals, and their contribution to disability advocacy and inclusion. It’s a controversial title but I promise you it’s a sincere and honest attempt to a.) share a POV from my personal experience and b.) spark conversation on what we can all do to contribute to change. Continue Reading

To truly empower young girls we need to get out of their way. Here’s why.

To truly empower young girls we have to start at home. A few days before Thanksgiving, she declared she wanted to do something for families that were impacted by the pandemic. She wanted to do something for the children who wouldn’t be able to get a Thanksgiving meal this year. She didn’t just want to raise money (as she had done with #blacklivesmatter) but wanted to get involved and spring into action. She reached out to a few local non-profits asking them what they needed Continue Reading

How my work on Accessibility (A11Y) was shaped by a life-changing experience

Celebrating Accessibility on International Day of Persons With Disabilities. A year ago, on a visit to India, I went to see my friends at the St Agnes Special School in Mangalore, a school for children with special needs. I recalled during this visit that as a 20-year-old, new college grad, I had signed up (in 1999) for a program they had just started to earn a Diploma in Special Ed. At the time, I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted Continue Reading